Proof Matters

In an unregulated industry, experience and certification are the only piece of mind you can rely on. Every analyst that works at Vibtech has a degree in mechanical engineering. They are also provided rigorous on-the-job training with an experienced analyst for a minimum 4 months before they can safely inspect machinery on their own. Finally, every analyst takes a course provided by a third party where they become certified as a Level II or Level III Vibration Analyst. Our analysts have over 100 man years combined  experience in the industry. Vibtech is certified ISO 9001:2015, and is ISN, Contractor Check and Complyworks compliant to ensure ‘trustworthy’ status as a new or existing vendor.

Vibtech Analysis has the best in class reporting, and the most rigorous standards in the Greater Toronto Area for the collection of vibration data. We take pride in sending fully qualified Vibration Analysts with unbiased opinions to take readings for every job – not an hourly worker who uploads the info for later analysis who might be influenced by other agendas (i.e. Repairs). We have cross industry experience, and all our reports are proofed by senior management. 

Our data collection standards can be viewed here:

We come to you!

In situ means in a natural or original position or place. With respect to the analysis and maintenance of machinery, it means taking out remote guesswork. Vibtech sends fully qualified Vibration Analysts to your facility to inspect your machinery ‘in situ’ or as it’s working in its natural place. This allows us to provide a more holistic approach and identify root causes of failures rather than just treating symptoms. 

"We take pride in our tried, tested, and proven hands-on, common sense approach that has stood the test of time."

Vibtech is Accredited by:

ISO logo

ISO 9001 is defined as the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

BSI uses accelerated learning techniques to ensure a full and complete comprehension of ISO 9001 and help businesses attain certification. BSI puts learning into context with a diverse offering of classroom teaching, workshops, interactive and online sessions.

With global capabilities and local deployment, ComplyWorks helps employers and suppliers manage the compliance of their suppliers, sub-contractors, workforces and worksites. 

ContactorCheck is a health and safety compliance company. They assess and accredit contractors across the country to legislative and client requirements, and provide clients with a contractor management tool to maintain compliance and reduce risk.

ISNetworld (ISN) serves as a database for online contractor safety management designed to streamline companies’ and contractors’ compliance pre-qualification processes. It works to help contractors, suppliers and hiring clients to ensure regulatory compliance.

Vibtech routinely achieves outstanding results

This enables our customers to:

  • Identify failing components before they become critical and suggest mitigation measures
  • Schedule maintenance repairs for the most convenient times
  • Increase the reliability of “bad actors” by identifying and correcting the source of continuing problems
  • Increase the useful lifespan of equipment (M.T.B.F.) by correcting minor issues before they become critical
  • Decrease overtime often associated with emergency repairs
  • Reduce the average cost per repair by decreasing consequential damage to other components
  • Shorten the average time per repair